Comprehensive Service For Transcritical CO2 Cold Storage Facility

A pet food manufacturer faced a storage space shortage for both raw materials and finished products at one of its U.S. manufacturing plants.

To address this, the company built an 824,000-square-foot distribution facility with a 120,000-square-foot racked storage freezer, refrigerated cold dock, and CO2 cold storage facility nearby.

CoolSys Turnkey Solutions Leveraged:

End-to-End Program Management

Freezer Slab Frost-Heave Prevention Design

Full Engineering Build Design

Start Up, Testing

Equipment, EMS Controls, Stainless Steel Piping, Installation


Cold Storage CO2 Challenges

The pet food manufacturer faced three primary challenges:

  • They needed help designing and managing the construction of the distribution and cold storage facility‘s 120,000-square-foot freezer, with space for nearly 15,000 pallets and a 12,000-square-foot refrigerated cold dock

  • The project had to meet federal, state, and local regulations, adhere to AIB food standards, and conform to FM Global design guidelines.

  • Implementing energy-efficient measures and selecting a natural refrigerant GHG was imperative to decrease greenhouse gas emissions, supporting the company’s ambitious objective of slashing emissions by 50% by 2030.

Cold Storage CO2 Custom Solutions

CoolSys leveraged its teams of professional engineers, program managers, sustainability experts, and system installation, startup and maintenance teams to tailor a comprehensive solution that solved each of the customer’s problems. CoolSys Energy Design (CED) engineered the freezer and cold dock to safely move and store raw materials and finished products while maintaining a -10°F temperature in the freezer space.

The team’s comprehensive engineering drawings satisfied stringent safety design standards for the facility and enabled maximum racking and pallet positions. CED’s design incorporated a CO2 refrigeration system—a natural refrigerant solution that satisfies the customer’s operational requirements and environmental goals


  • Two packaged CO2 refrigeration systems with minimal footprints, providing close-coupled systems to handle the required refrigeration load while minimizing pipe run lengths. The refrigeration system installation utilized stainless steel refrigeration piping and polyiso insulation.


  • Two robust industrial CO2 outdoor packaged systems (120/90 bar design) and two adiabatic gas coolers (one per rack), providing approximately 400 tons of refrigeration. Large-capacity transcritical reciprocating compressors and variable frequency drives for capacity control.


  • A freezer slab frost-heave prevention system utilizing heat recovery from the CO2 discharge gas, as opposed to a more energy-intensive boiler-based system.


  • An integrated central control system with distributed evaporator control panels, enabling advanced control integration and remote interfaces to enhance operability and visibility.

Cold Storage C02 Solutions Impacts

  • CoolSys provided a one-stop source for a broad array of services the pet food manufacturer required to complete its design-build project, executing all tasks within the agreed-upon time and budget.


  • CoolSys’ team of expertly trained CO2 technicians continues to provide preventative maintenance and repair for the systems to guarantee peak performance, easing the workload of the customer’s in-house technicians.


  • The food manufacturer, impressed by CoolSys’ work, is now considering utilizing CoolSys’ comprehensive solutions to upgrade its manufacturing facilities across the U.S.


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