“I can tell you, the rewards and
incentives have been excellent.”

Allan Samuels
President, CoolSys Energy Design

As a Coolsys Operating Company, you’ll benefit from the financial strength and resources of a national company while retaining your existing team. Benefits include:

Expansion of
Technician Base

With every new company that joins the CoolSys family, an entire team of top-notch technicians becomes part of our growing national network and allows you access to highly-trained field resources, if needed.

Training & Development

Technicians have the opportunity to participate in CoolSys’ National Technical Training & Development programs and have career advancement opportunities that surpass what is currently available in the industry.


Every business that joins our family of companies can expect a broader, better benefits package for employees, including health, dental and vision plans, 401k matching, disability, life insurance, and much more.

CoolSys Sales Team Support

The CoolSys sales team will provide growth opportunities with national and strategic accounts that otherwise may not be available to you. You will also be able to cross-sell all of CoolSys’ offerings to your existing customers.

Back Office Support

We provide full support for back office responsibilities in areas including accounting, financial reporting, benefits administration, sales and marketing, so you can focus on customer relationships, technician development and other revenue-drivers of the business.

Knowledge Share

Our former owners’ “alumni club” of entrepreneurs have decades of experience in our industry and enjoy connecting with peers to learn from each other and discuss the unique challenges in our industry.


Given our size and scale, we’ve been able to leverage our purchasing power to create cost savings opportunities on things like vehicles, parts, equipment purchases and travel.

Financial Security

As an owner selling your business to CoolSys, you will enjoy the financial rewards of the initial sale, with the unique opportunity of “multiple bites of the apple” as CoolSys expands and grows.