Transition from a reactive to a preventive mindset with CoolSys and OneEvent Technologies predictive analytics and temperature monitoring.

If you’ve ever had a cooler or freezer breakdown you know how disruptive and costly it can be. As we face record levels of warming temperatures, it’s more important than ever to enhance food safety and staff productivity.

At CoolSys, keeping things cool is our specialty. Now, with OneEvent Technologies we offer advanced predictive analytics and temperature monitoring technology to ensure your food in cold storage is just the right temperature. As an easy add-on to your existing refrigeration and cold storage cases, we install sensors to provide peace of mind through real-time data and monitoring.

With the OneEvent® Refrigeration Monitoring System you can rest assured your food is refrigerated at safe temperatures. When temperatures exceed pre-set limits, staff is notified. AND, with the exclusive OneEvent Thermo Heartbeat™ you will be alerted up to 15 days in advance before a refrigeration breakdown.

For educational applications, this technology qualifies for ESSER funding

Visualize your data

  • Real-time smartphone alerts when temperature or door open times exceed limits
  • Comprehensive dashboard access via any computer or tablet includes average temperature live view, customized reporting, watch list and individual unit make, model and age
  • Schedule alerts for NIST certification and calibration
  • Historical data storage and exports to replace paper logs

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Avoid breakdowns, boost safety

Using real-time and historical data, predictive analytics and temperature monitoring help you avoid costly breakdowns, minimize risk, free up staff time, reduce stress, boost safety and improve compliance.

Temperature monitoring for food service

We offer open/close door sensors to provide peace of mind by detecting door or window activity. Receive notifications of sensor tampers or not—you decide. Plus, temperature monitoring and data logging allow you to accurately store medications, vaccines, biologics and more at the exact temperature every time.

Let your equipment speak to you

Protect valuable inventory, reduce liabilities and protect your precious reputation with machine health monitoring. More than just remote refrigeration temperature monitoring, this feature audits and communicates your unit’s health so you can address any issues before they happen. Your equipment speaks to you.

Whatever your configuration, all sensors communicate seamlessly, turning your data into actionable information and making it accessible to you via any computer, tablet or smartphone for reporting and monitoring. Plus, your data is accurate and secure.

On average, our clients prevent nearly $6,000 in inventory loss per location per year

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