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When refrigeration & HVAC is critical to your operations, you can trust CoolSys. At CoolSys, we're experts in a variety of refrigeration technologies including traditional DX systems and CO2 for commercial and industrial applications as well as low GWP Propane self-contained equipment.

Plus, we offer a full range of lifecycle services from design, engineering, installation, and project management, to ongoing service and maintenance and energy optimization.

Whether you’re planning a new facility or remodel, expanding existing refrigeration, cold storage or HVAC capabilities, or need to service your current systems, our expert engineers and technicians will work with you to optimize your refrigeration & HVAC systems to help ensure the integrity of your temperature-controlled environments.


  • Food and Beverage Warehousing and Storage
  • Pharmaceutical Storage
  • Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Processing and Storage
  • Meat Processing
  • Logistics and Shipping Facilities
  • Manufacturing
  • Beverage Production

Why CoolSys?

CoolSys is the parent company of market-leading operating businesses across the United States which provide a full spectrum of best-in-class service experiences and solutions to the retail, commercial, and industrial refrigeration & HVAC industries. We strive to ensure every customer is taken care of on a daily basis. We maintain open lines of communication and 24-hour service with the goal of providing our customers with a best-in-class service experience. Our employees understand the critical nature of our customers’ refrigeration systems and are always ready to answer questions and provide solutions. The CoolSys staff has been strategically handpicked to ensure they have the expertise and drive to be successful in our customer-centric culture.

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Design and Engineering: Offering full MEPR (mechanical, electrical, plumbing and refrigeration) services and utilizing the latest in CAD technology, our engineers consult with you to tailor the design of your cold storage facility to meet your needs taking into account budget, project objectives, building requirements, energy efficiency, safety, storage capacity and product flow. Every project is unique and throughout pre-construction and the planning process, we’ll consult with you on the best materials for the job utilizing innovative freon-based and CO2 systems and state-of-the-art solutions.

Construction and Installation: Our installers are specially trained and skilled in the cold storage field and work to maintain the highest standards throughout the construction and installation process including programming and testing of all systems.

Service and Maintenance: From preventative maintenance and minor fixes to emergency repair, CoolSys provides a best-in-class service experience with 24/7/365 customer support. Our team of technicians are at the ready to handle a variety of service and maintenance issues including everything from refrigerant conversions to the adjustment of cold case doors, repair of strip curtains, case upgrades and change outs, system testing and generator maintenance.

Project Management: With unsurpassed attention to detail, safety and reliability, our project management team ensure timely completion of your new cold storage construction or remodel within budget parameters.

Energy Optimization: Our expert energy optimization team performs energy audits, total energy makeovers, and retro-commissioning, tailored to your specific needs and energy usage goals. Specializing in analyzing, assessing and recommending cost-saving adjustments to ensure the most reliable and efficient performance of your cold storage system.


Let us help you design a safer facility for your employees and customers utilizing the latest approaches and technologies to help mitigate viruses.

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CASE STUDY: Yosemite Foods

The Yosemite Foods Facility was designed to process 550,000 lbs. daily in 116,000 square feet of processing space, 95,000 square feet of which is comprised of refrigerated areas. After presenting and considering several options, RSI was contracted to provide a turnkey solution which included engineering, design, equipment selection and procurement, and installation for this project.

Yosemite Foods Inc., in Modesto, CA, has been providing the highest quality specialty pork products to a diverse array of niche markets across the West Coast for over 30 years. Yosemite Meats approached Refrigeration Solutions Incorporated (RSI), A CoolSys Company, to see if they could help them achieve a unique set of refrigeration and energy reduction goals for their new hog processing plant in Stockton, CA.


RSI met the challenge and was able to satisfy all objectives put forth by Yosemite Foods, Inc. Utilizing RSI’s capabilities along with technical know-how from partners CRS of South Africa, and Danfoss, the facility’s refrigeration system now includes the largest trans-critical CO2 refrigeration system in North America with a total of five compressor racks running 2,450 horsepower and 22.5 million BTUs/hour. This approach eliminated the need for an ammonia over CO2 system, satisfying the customer’s desire of using non-corrosive substances. Discharged heat from the compressors is reclaimed and redirected to generate hot water more efficiently, which is a critical requirement for the meat processing operation.

Goya, a CoolSys commercial refrigeration and HVAC customer


Design & Build Refrigerated Warehouse – Designed and installed a 17,000 sq. ft. refrigerated warehouse consisting of an underfloor ventilation system, 6″ black iron suction line piping, Hansen valves, Krack unit coolers, and 28’ tall Galvamet panels with Jamison doors. The high side system has screw compressors with evaporative condensers and hot gas defrost. The system is protected with an infrared leak detection system and is controlled and monitored with a CPC computerized system designed and installed by Service Refrigeration Company (Officially changed its name to CoolSys Commercial & Industrial Solutions, Inc.)

baker-hughes Logo

CASE STUDY: Baker Petrolite

Design & Build Equipment and Piping Retrofit for Houston Area Plant – The customer requested a custom refrigeration package to be placed in a highly corrosive environment. All the piping and control valves had to be replaced. Service Refrigeration Company (Officially changed its name to CoolSys Commercial & Industrial Solutions, Inc.) could not use torches or welders in the vessel area. We had seven days to demo the piping, valves, and existing refrigeration skid and construct and install the new skid along with pressure testing, evacuation and start-up of the new unit.

We designed and built a galvanized refrigeration skid complete with copper finned condensers. We utilized a Bitzer reciprocating compressor and designed a suction vessel with boil out coil and high-level control. We additionally designed and built the control panels. Due to the tight schedule, all the piping was built in our shop with flanges and then transported to the job site and bolted together. The system was online in 6 days.

Amigos, a CoolSys commercial refrigeration and HVAC customer

CASE STUDY: Amigo's Meat Distribution

Phase 2, Design & Build 13,000 sq. ft. Freezer/Cooler Expansion –  Designed and installed a 13,000 sq. ft. Freezer/Cooler expansion for a meat distribution warehouse. Our installation included underfloor heated slab and 6-inch concrete finish slab. Service refrigeration (Officially changed its name to CoolSys Commercial & Industrial Solutions, Inc.) acted as the General Contractor of the project. Our responsibilities included fire suppression, electrical, concrete, plumbing, warehouse pallet racking, and CPC controls.

Exxon, a CoolSys commercial refrigeration and HVAC customer

CASE STUDY: Exxon Research Facility

Design & Build – The Exxon Research Facility’s testing chamber would not hold temperature and experienced multiple compressor failures. Service Refrigeration (Officially changed its name to CoolSys Commercial & Industrial Solutions, Inc.) corrected refrigeration piping, added a suction accumulator vessel with high level switches to protect the compressor from liquid slugging, and rebuilt the Royce 8-cylinder open drive compressor.


“We researched all different refrigerant systems and vetted multiple vendors through the process. At the end, our company chose Refrigeration Solutions LLC (RSI) because of their quality of work, professionalism, and knowledge in CO2 based refrigeration. As with any project this size and complication, there were multiple challenges and setbacks that arose. Throughout the process, RSI was professional and fair in working with us on these challenges and changes. They are experts with CO2 and understood what goals we were trying to accomplish when designing and installing the system. The current system has performed to expectations providing refrigerated cooling for product storage and hot water through heat recovery. RSI has provided a high level of support to ensure the system works at its optimal level.”

– Michael Lau, Ph.D. – Vice President, Yosemite Foods