For your commercial HVAC and industrial refrigeration systems to perform reliably, preventative maintenance is necessary. At CoolSys, we offer comprehensive preventative maintenance programs to routinely maintained your equipment so you can increase uptime and avoid significant, costlier problems down the line.

The benefits of preventative maintenance:

  • Increase Uptime and Reduce Catastrophic Failure – With preventative maintenance, CoolSys addresses issues with your industrial refrigeration and commercial HVAC systems before they become costly problems. This reduces unplanned downtime, product loss and lowers operating expenses.
  • Optimize Energy Usage– A properly maintained system can help reduce energy consumption. CoolSys monitors the performance of critical equipment and provides maintenance for the sustainability of your system.
  • Extend System Life– The better you care for your equipment, the longer it will last. CoolSys’ planned maintenance programs prolong the life of your refrigeration and HVAC systems and components, resulting in lower costs, increased uptime and greater profit.
  • Improved Safety– When equipment is not operating properly, it can cause unsafe working conditions and the potential for emergencies. Preventative maintenance improves safety and quality conditions.
  • Regulatory Compliance– Our operational know-how, processes and automated systems ensure that you comply with regulations and that all necessary paperwork is submitted correctly to agencies (EPA, AQMD, CARB) and third-party systems.

Breathe Easier with Bipolar Ionization

The health of your HVAC systems is more critical than ever before. The CDC recommends that building owners and managers take specific steps to improve indoor air quality and combat the spread of the COVID-19 virus and other airborne pathogens. There are a variety of advancements in HVAC technology that can help accomplish these recommendations. With needlepoint bipolar ionization capabilities, you add an extra line of defense to your existing HVAC equipment against viruses—like the one that causes COVID-19— as well as bacteria, mold, spores, odors and more.

Quick and Simple Add-On to Your Existing HVAC System.


Our robust preventative maintenance programs for refrigeration systems typically include:

  • Refrigerant Leak & Level Checks
  • Refrigerant Leak & Level Checks
  • Operating Pressures Suction & Discharge
  • Coil Cleaning
  • Condenser Cleaning
  • Evaporator Cleaning
  • Case Cleaning
  • Oil Changes
  • Bearing & Motor Lubrications

CoolSys planned maintenance programs can be tailored to your specific industrial refrigeration and commercial HVAC equipment and systems by our team of experts to provide ongoing upkeep and performance, including:

  • Quarterly General Maintenance — Covers all the basic needs of both small and large mission-critical systems. In multi-site situations, the scope of work is consistent, site-to-site.
  • Biannual Compressor Room and EMS Check-Up — Performed by higher-level technicians with an advanced skill set, planned maintenance focuses on high-dollar equipment such as compressors, EMS set points, energy consumption, lighting schedules, anti-sweat and dehumidification.

Plus, you can choose on-call service when you need it or schedule ahead with our planned maintenance agreements.

Get Alerts Before a Breakdown

We now offer advanced predictive analytics and temperature monitoring technology to ensure your cold storage is just the right temperature. The OneEvent® Refrigeration Monitoring System alerts you of any predicted issues so you can address them before they happen.

Easy, affordable add-ons to your existing units.


Now you can trust your case cleaning to the industrial refrigeration and commercial HVAC experts at CoolSys. We offer top-notch, professional case cleaning services at times convenient for your store. Plus, we offer multi-case and multi-store savings.


Did you know dirty cases are responsible for a 5% increase in energy costs and 50% more service calls? Plus, loss in sales, equipment failure and spoilage.

Our 7-point case cleaning checklist:

  • Disassemble coil housing
  • Blow out drains with CO2, as needed
  • De-ice with hot water and brush (no chemicals)
  • Replace or repair any damaged fan motors
  • Restart case and verify operation
  • Log any service issues
  • Document temperatures and provide a recap of all work to a store representative

Now is a great time to schedule preventative maintenance and case cleaning!

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